To use Danger Swift with GitLab: you’ll need to create a new account for Danger to use, then set the following environment variables on your CI system:

  • DANGER_GITLAB_HOST = Defaults to but you can use it for your own url
  • DANGER_GITLAB_API_TOKEN = An access token for the account which will post comments

Then in your Dangerfiles you will have a fully fleshed out danger.gitlab object to work with. For example:

if (danger.gitLab.mergeRequest.title.contains("WIP")) {
  warn("MR is considered WIP")

The DSL is expansive, you can see all the details inside the [Danger Swift Reference][ref], but the TLDR is:


  /** The pull request and repository metadata */
  metadata: RepoMetaData
  /** The Merge Request metadata */
  mergeRequest: GitLabMR

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