Dangerous bits

To use Danger JS with BitBucket Server: you’ll need to create a new account for Danger to use, then set the following environment variables on your CI:

  • DANGER_BITBUCKETSERVER_HOST = The root URL for your server, e.g. https://bitbucket.mycompany.com.
  • DANGER_BITBUCKETSERVER_USERNAME = The username for the account used to comment.

Also you need to set password or personal access token by environment variables:

  • DANGER_BITBUCKETSERVER_PASSWORD = The password for the account used to comment.
  • DANGER_BITBUCKETSERVER_TOKEN = The personal access token for the account used to comment.

Then in your Dangerfiles you will have a fully fleshed out danger.bitbucket_server object to work with. For example:

import { danger, warn } from "danger"

if (danger.bitbucket_server.pr.title.includes("WIP")) {
  warn("PR is considered WIP")

The DSL is expansive, you can see all the details inside the [Danger JS Reference][ref], but the TLDR is:


  /** The pull request and repository metadata */
  metadata: RepoMetaData
  /** The related JIRA issues */
  issues: JIRAIssue[]
  /** The PR metadata */
  pr: BitBucketServerPRDSL
  /** The commits associated with the pull request */
  commits: BitBucketServerCommit[]
  /** The comments on the pull request */
  comments: BitBucketServerPRActivity[]
  /** The activities such as OPENING, CLOSING, MERGING or UPDATING a pull request */
  activities: BitBucketServerPRActivity[]

Here are some example rules using the DSL:

import { danger, warn } from "danger"

const bbs = danger.bitbucket_server

// Ensure a PR has assigned Jira issues
if (bbs.issues.length === 0) {
  warn("This PR does not have any assigned Jira issues.")

// Make a warning if there are changes to a package.json but that a
// user called murphdog hasn't yet weighed in that the changes are fine.
const hasPackageChanges = danger.git.modified_files.includes("package.json")
const hasMurphDogApproval = bbs.comments.find(
  c => c.user.slug == "murphdog" && !!c.comment && c.comment.text.includes(":+1:")
if (hasPackageChanges && !hasMurphDogApproval) {
  warn("This PR has `package.json` changes, but @murphdog hasn't approved them yet.")

// Enforce team "fun"
const hasGIF = bbs.pr.description.includes(".gif")
if (hasGIF) {
  fail("This PR needs a GIF.")

Plus any other example you can find that uses GitHub, will probably work in BitBucket Server, with a bit of DSL translation.

Our BitBucket Server support is still pretty new, so we’d love to see improvements and PRs to help make it work for everyone.

In addition, it is possible to specify a proxy to be used for the requests using environmental variables. This is useful for debugging:

export NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED=0 # Avoid certificate error

export http_proxy=
export https_proxy=

If you are using Bitbucket but not using Jira/Issues you can add an environment variable to bypass the check:

  • DANGER_NO_BITBUCKET_JIRA_INTEGRATION Bypass Jira/Issues integration

Got improvements? Help improve this document via sending PRs.