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Danger plugin to prevent merging test shortcuts (.only and .skip)


Import and invoke the noTestShortcuts() function in your Dangerfile:

// dangerfile.js
import noTestShortcuts from 'danger-plugin-no-test-shortcuts'

  testFilePredicate: (filePath) => filePath.endsWith('.test.js'),

By default, Danger will fail the build if a new or modified test file contains .only() - this prevents merging changes that will prevent your entire test suite from running on each pull request.

This plugin takes an optional config object with a couple of options:

  // A required predicate for determining where your test files live.
  testFilePredicate: (filePath) => filePath.endsWith('.test.js'),

  // Defines the behavior for handling skipped tests (e.g. test.skip()).
  // Defaults to 'ignore'.
  // Valid values: 'ignore', 'fail', 'warn'.
  skippedTests: 'fail',

  // Defines any (additional) patterns you want to test for
  // Defaults to no extra patterns
  // Here you can add patterns specific to how your test framework does skips/onlys
  patterns: {
    only: ['customOnly'],
    skip: ['sk.ip']


Install Yarn and install the dependencies - yarn install.

Run the tests with yarn test (uses Jest).

This project uses semantic-release for automated NPM package publishing.

The main caveat: instead of running git commit, run yarn commit and follow the prompts to input a conventional changelog message via commitizen.