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Level up your programming skills by getting bite-sized tips and tricks in your pull requests.



yarn add danger-plugin-mentor --dev

At a glance:

// dangerfile.js
import mentor from 'danger-plugin-mentor'



You can specify an array of string tags to filter the shown tips:

mentor(["testing", "agile"])

Should you not like or want to expand upon the default set of tips, you can pass an array of tips that you provide yourself.

mentor([], myOwnListOfTips)

The items in myOwnListOfTips have to conform to the Tip interface, that, in Typescript, you can import via import { Tip } from 'danger-plugin-mentor'. In Javascript, you just need to make sure that every item responds to the methods of this interface. Of course you can mix your own tips with the included tips:

import { default as mentor, defaultTips } from 'danger-plugin-mentor'

mentor([], [...defaultTips(), ...myOwnListOfTips])

In order to make it easy to provide your own list of tips, danger-plugin-mentor ships with a fromJson that returns an array of lists from a json file.

import { default as mentor, fromJson } from "danger-plugin-mentor"

mentor([], fromJson(`
        "text": "My own tip",
        "source": "https://mycompany.com",
        "tags": ["awesome"]


See the GitHub release history.