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Danger plugin for Jest


Setup Jest

This Danger plugin relies on modifying your Jest configuration slightly on CI to also output a JSON file of the results.

You need to make the yarn jest command include: --outputFile test-results.json --json. This will run your tests like normal, but will also create a file with the full test results after.

You may also want to add the JSON output file to your .gitignore, since it doesn't need to be checked into source control.

Setup Danger

Install this Danger plugin:

yarn add danger-plugin-jest --dev

By default, this package will assume you've set the filename as test-results.json, but you can use any path.

// dangerfile.js
import path from 'path'
import jest from 'danger-plugin-jest'

// Default
// Custom path
jest({ testResultsJsonPath: path.resolve(__dirname, 'tests/results.json') })

See src/index.ts for more details.


See the GitHub release history.


Install Yarn, and install the dependencies - yarn install.

Run the Jest test suite with yarn test.

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