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prosea project from orta therox, Juanito Fatas and and others.


Lint markdown files inside your projects. This is done using the proselint python egg. Results are passed out as a table in markdown.

Created by David Grandinetti, Orta Therox.



Allows you to disable a collection of linters from running. Doesn't work yet. You can get a list of them here defaults to ["misc.scare_quotes", "typography.symbols"] when it's nil.


Allows you to add a collection of words to skip in spellchecking. defaults to [""] when it's nil.



Lints the globbed markdown files. Will fail if proselint cannot be installed correctly. Generates a markdown list of warnings for the prose in a corpus of .markdown and .md files.

lint_files (files=nil: String)

Determine if proselint is currently installed in the system paths.

proselint_installed? Bool

Determine if mdspell is currently installed in the system paths.

mdspell_installed? Bool

Runs a markdown-specific spell checker, against a corpus of .markdown and .md files.

check_spelling (files=nil: String)


Running linter with custom disabled linters

# Runs a linter with comma style and tense present disabled
prose.disable_linters = ["misc.scare_quotes", "misc.tense_present"]
prose.lint_files "_posts/*.md"

Running linter with default linters

# Runs a linter with all styles, on modified and added markdown files in this PR

Running the spell checker

# Runs a spell checker on all files in `_post`
prose.check_spelling "_posts/*.md"

Running the spell checker, with some words whitelisted

prose.ignored_words = ["orta", "artsy"]

How to Install

Include gem "danger-prose" in your project’s Gemfile. Then run bundle install.

Then inside your Dangerfile, you can access the plugin via prose.


blogging, blog, writing, jekyll, middleman, hugo, metalsmith, gatsby, express


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